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Is travel really free?

Swale Young People believes you should never be left out of pocket when taking part in an opportunity you have accessed with us.

You can claim up to a maximum of £250 in any 30-day period, this includes any travel expenses for parents or guardians.

Travel expenses and tickets should be pre-arranged with a member of staff or a volunteer before an opportunity, allowing for enough time for delivery of any required tickets. In the event that pre-arranged travel tickets is not possible, the Young Ambassador should complete an expenses form that will be supplied to them after the event. Reimbursements can be made in cash if a member of staff is present otherwise a cheque or bank transfer is normal protocol.

In the event of you hitting the maximum amount claimable, you would be asked to cover the costs of any costs.

What is covered?

Public Transport  - Expenses are paid in full, providing it does not exceed the maximum 30-day limit.

Taxi - Expenses are paid in full, only when pre-booked with a Swale Young People approved taxi provider, and providing it does not exceed the maximum 30-day limit.

Your own or parent's/guardian's own vehicle - Expenses are paid to the following calculations providing it does not exceed the maximum 30-day limit.

Type of Vehicle
Cost Per Mile
Cars and Vans20p

Where the option of public transport is available and is cheaper, we request that you take public transport. If you refuse and take another form of transport, we will not reimburse any expenses incurred.


Accommodation costs are paid in full and includes 1 breakfast and dinner per night providing it does not exceed the maximum 30-day limit. 

Entertainment costs are not reimbursed.

Food & Refreshments

Depending on the length of time you would be at an event, and if they provide refreshments, Swale Young People would usually cover food and drink costs up to £5, £7 or £10. A member of staff or volunteer will tell you your limit. YOU MUST KEEP A RECEIPT AND SHOW THIS TO SWALE YOUNG PEOPLE IN ORDER TO BE REIMBURSED.

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